This month of February carries unique characteristics apart from having 28 days, it is the only month specially designated for love by Cupid the love angel.

People all over the world celebrate this month with their loved ones in different ways by buying a gift, going on vacations or propose as its the newest trend in Nigeria.

The economy hasn't been the best so far especially if you are thinking about your pocket as January was a slow month and February 14th is also a match day with two big champions league matches, OMG!

Knocking couples into a tight spot of how to celebrate on that day, Don't be scared I'll be sharing an affordable way that will help you show love and I hope you find it helpful too.

Cook a HOMEMADE FOOD yes! Homemade food will create the magic. My best homemade food is a well garnished Indomie dish with some fruit smoothies.

Ingredients                                                                          Cost

3 packs of Indomie-(whichever flavor you prefer)        ?300max

1 onion-                                                                                ?20

Titus fish-                                                                             ?200

Bell pepper and green pepper-                                       ?200

Watermelon, apple, and banana-                                   ?300 = ?1020

I cooked the Indomie Noodles and mixed it up with my well garnished Titus fish sauce. Then blended the fruits together, refrigerate to chill for 30-40 mins. after that, i took a white cloth and spread it on a small table, served my colorful looking Indomie masterpiece on the table and the remote control(his gift) with a small note *Remote is all yours for that day, I hope your team wins*...

Valentine season wouldn't be ruined after all. Try it!

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