We cannot deny the fact that there exist some among us who strictly practice the fitfam culture. They have a daily food timetable as to what to consume and what to eschew, but because Indomie is a brand that cares for all, we’ve decided to come up with a special recipe for the fitness family and it’s the delicious Indomie with rich coconut milk extract. Yummy isn’t it?

Lets quickly show you what ingredients you need to savor this delicious recipe and how to prepare it.


Peas 8gm

Garlic 8gm

Coconut broth 250ml

Ginger 5gm


Indomie 100gm x2



Cut coconuts into bits, blend and extract the milk from it

Sprinkle a little salt on onions and chop it

Chop ginger and garlic

Now add little vegetable oil into the cooking pan

Pour in the chopped ginger, garlic and onion

Allow to fry for a while then add coconut milk

Next, you add two sachets of Indomie Oriental Fried noodles with seasoning

Allow to simmer till its almost completely dried up

Serve hot and enjoy


So easy right. That’s all it takes to make Indomie with coconut milk for the fitness family. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.