Are you like one of my colleagues who was too curious to try out cooking something new. Well we don’t know if the recipe book misled her or she got her steps wrong. Her intention was to bake a cake – well her first, but she ended up recreating what nature had already provided us; a stone.

So many of us have experienced this while growing up. Especially those who picked home economics classes in our respective junior schools. It was always fun because of the anticipation and process involved but when it goes south, it was just another learning for us.

We were discussing this amongst ourselves earlier today. To my surprise, it evoked hilarious emotions from every member of the team. But one thing we wouldn’t do is to decide not to share it with you.

So, tell us one, two or many curious experiences you had where you intended to make a delicious recipe but ended up flopping. Don't be shy to tell us in the comment section below.