Imagine being tired and hungry at the same time. Hungry to the point where you have zero strength to cook yourself a meal – indomie to be precise. Next thing someone, maybe a sibling opts to help you prepare it to relieve you the stress.

The only thing you can do at that point is anticipate your expectation of the outcome of the food. Nothing else. Absolutely nothing. Not even deciding how the person makes it – if you have a special way of preparing yours.

Now he or she makes it. The indomie comes out well. The steam blowing towards your face with the aroma overwhelming your angst to eat. Next thing you get up with the last strength in you. The strength that can only lift the fork, scoop from the plate, and slurp in the indomie.

Whether you enjoy it or not, the person who made it cares less. He has done his best. What, to him is the perfect way of making indomie noodles.

For us, we believe everyone has his or her style of preparing indomie noodles. The outcome of such becomes that persons unique recipe signature. What we mean here is, we all have preference for ingredients that we like to add to our indomie. We all do. Whether minimal or in excess.

Now the question is, whether hungry, or well, totally hungry, do you really enjoy indomie noodles not prepared by you?

Don’t be shy to tell us what you prefer to add to your indomie noodles.